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A couple times a week, I’ll sit down and tell you about what is going on today. I wander about the city, sit down, have lunch and chitchat. New Orleans grapevine. Word on the street.

I always get lumped in with the poets. I’m the guy you see in the corner of a fancy restaurant just typing away for hours. You know the type. I look like Truman Capote. I am quite the character.

Welcome to my world.

There is tourist New Orleans and then there is the rest of the city, where all of us live. New Orleanians save the best parts for themselves. It really is a totally different world here. Would you like to hear about it? Like any conversation about New Orleans, it will meander all over the map, all over the timeline, and through multiple layers of traditions and meaning until it’s all over.

The story of New Orleans never ends. Every lunch ends, eventually. Luckily, a new one will begin tomorrow. Every day is a beautiful day in New Orleans.

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Welcome to my part of New Orleans. We should have lunch.

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A man-about-New Orleans. I am a flaneur in this wonderful city I call home. It is nothing to brag about. I see a lot of things over the course of my days. There are angels in New Orleans' many, many details. We should have lunch every day.